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Preparing your home gutters for summer


Poorly maintained gutters filled with debris can pose a risk to your building in the event of heavy rain. With storm season upon us, being proactive is better than being reactive when it comes to gutter maintenance.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission warns roof leaks can be caused by lack of maintenance and cleaning and recommends home owners “don’t let leaves and debris build up in gutters and downpipes.”

In heavy rain, gutters that are not properly maintained don’t offer an escape route for the water which can instead enter the wall cavity. Water ingress can be devastating for buildings, causing damage to plasterboard, flooring and electrical systems. 

Overflowing gutters that are not addressed promptly can also cause damage and degradation to building substrates over time. 

Many insurance companies will not cover this damage if the gutters have not been properly maintained. The article Could your insurance claim be rejected because of your gutters? on the CANSTAR website provides an insight on how gutter maintenance or the lack of it can affect insurance payouts.

Bushfire and your gutters

Strong winds, dry weather, bush fires, and full gutters are a potentially disastrous combination. This is especially the case for people living in bushfire prone areas, near open plains or in bushy neighbourhoods.

It only takes a single ember landing in a gutter full of dry leaves and sticks to start a fire. Part of your bushfire season preparation should always be ensuring your gutters are clear, reinforced by the Queensland Government’s checklist to prepare your home for bushfire season.

If you can see leaves and debris in your gutter from the ground, that’s a sure sign your gutters are not ready for summer. Protect your investment! Give Gutter Sucker a call on 1800 558 745