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What to expect from a Gutter Sucker clean

Meet Sam, Gutter Sucker’s co-owner and gutter cleaning specialist. Sam, a trade qualified plumber, is passionate about providing a fast and reliable gutter cleaning service for our customers.

After you make contact with Gutter Sucker, Sam will visit your property and provide a tailored quote for cleaning your gutters. Here, Sam answers some of your questions about the Gutter Sucker service.

Why does Gutter Sucker need to visit my property to quote the job?
We generally stop by for about ten minutes to take a look at your gutters. Every property is different so we like to ensure that you’re only being charged for the work required. A four-bedroom low set home might only have one full gutter. Homes that have not had gutter maintenance carried out for some time might take a little longer.

Providing we can access the roof with a ladder, the quote can be done without a resident present. An obligation free quote can be left in the letterbox or emailed prior to work going ahead. 

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my gutters being cleaned?
Generally, there is nothing that you need to do. We might ask you to provide access to any locked gates. Gutters on some units can only be accessed from a patio. As long as we can get a ladder to the roof, we can do our work. 

If you have a dog that is not friendly to strangers, we usually ask for you to be home.

What is the process for cleaning a gutter?
We arrive with a fully self-contained trailer that includes all equipment so we do not need access to power or water.

We’re really focused on safety so we will spend some time setting up with ladders and harnesses before cleaning starts.

Then a high-powered vacuum system is used to suck everything out of the gutters. Leaves, debris, growth, mud and sludge - our equipment will suck it all out. There are different kinds of gutters so we have a variety of different nozzles to get into difficult to reach places. Nothing is left behind…wet or dry, it gets sucked up. 

Once the roof is complete, we tidy up any debris at ground level and ensure the property is left better than we found it.

How do you ensure my roof doesn’t get damaged?
Being a plumber, I’ve been working on all types of roofs for decades. That experience allows me to make informed decisions about safety and prevent damage. I know where not to step and how to identify the safe anchor points for our safety gear.

Where does the rubbish go?
Picture your vacuum cleaner but on a trailer. Everything in your gutters is sucked into a cylinder on our trailer that we then take away. If you would prefer to keep it for mulch or compost, we can leave it for you.

How often will Gutter Sucker need to come back?
We will send you a report covering the work that was done, any concerns or maintenance issues that have been identified, and an indication of how often we recommend your gutters be cleaned.

Want your gutters cleaned? Call Gutter Sucker now on 1800 558 745.


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Preparing your home gutters for summer

Poorly maintained gutters filled with debris can pose a risk to your building in the event of heavy rain. With storm season upon us, being proactive is better than being reactive when it comes to gutter maintenance.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission warns roof leaks can be caused by lack of maintenance and cleaning and recommends home owners “don’t let leaves and debris build up in gutters and downpipes.”

In heavy rain, gutters that are not properly maintained don’t offer an escape route for the water which can instead enter the wall cavity. Water ingress can be devastating for buildings, causing damage to plasterboard, flooring and electrical systems. 

Overflowing gutters that are not addressed promptly can also cause damage and degradation to building substrates over time. 

Many insurance companies will not cover this damage if the gutters have not been properly maintained. The article Could your insurance claim be rejected because of your gutters? on the CANSTAR website provides an insight on how gutter maintenance or the lack of it can affect insurance payouts.

Bushfire and your gutters

Strong winds, dry weather, bush fires, and full gutters are a potentially disastrous combination. This is especially the case for people living in bushfire prone areas, near open plains or in bushy neighbourhoods.

It only takes a single ember landing in a gutter full of dry leaves and sticks to start a fire. Part of your bushfire season preparation should always be ensuring your gutters are clear, reinforced by the Queensland Government’s checklist to prepare your home for bushfire season.

If you can see leaves and debris in your gutter from the ground, that’s a sure sign your gutters are not ready for summer. Protect your investment! Give Gutter Sucker a call on 1800 558 745

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